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5 Things to remember when traveling with IBD

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

By: Barbara Storch

Heading out of town this holiday season? Here are some packing essentials that are especially important to consider when traveling as someone with IBD!

1. Prescription medication: While this may seem like an obvious one, your prescription meds should absolutely go on your packing list. It can be helpful to think ahead to make sure you’ll have enough of everything through the duration of your trip (plus a bit extra in case of unexpected delays or travel changes)! You may need to consult with your Gastroenterologist to make sure this can happen.

If you are traveling internationally, consider bringing copies of prescriptions, original pill bottles, and a statement from your physician explaining your medical history and prescriptions in case you run into any questions at customs! Lastly, have a med that needs to be refrigerated? Don’t forget to bring a cooler pack! And, if you’re flying, a flight attendant may be willing to store it in a plan fridge for you!

2. Plenty of water and snacks: Having IBD can increase your risk of becoming dehydrated! Bringing your own reusable water bottle can help make sure you are hydrated throughout the day, which will help avoid dehydration. This is especially important if you’re somewhere where it is hotter than usual or you are more active than usual, so hydration is especially important to think through when you’re on vacation! In addition, having some food with you that you know will work well for you to eat can help relieve some stress about finding food in a new location!

3. Restroom finder apps: Finding a bathroom in a new place can be stressful, especially when it’s time sensitive!! Most places with a restroom will allow you to use their facility, especially if you have a medical necessity.

Having an app like “We Can’t Wait”, developed by the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, pre-downloaded and loaded up can help in urgent situations!

4. Sunscreen: Sun protection is important for everyone while outdoors, and some medications for IBD can make your skin more sensitive!

Remember to bring sunscreen with a good SPF and reapply regularly!

5. Excitement for your trip! Safe travels and have fun!

Resilience for IBD is Resilience for Life!™

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