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Step 1 Complete

Now that you have completed all of the assessments in Step 1, we move to Step 2, where our team will review your responses, and customize a resilience roadmap to fit your needs. During Step 1 you should have scheduled your free visit with our Resilience Navigator (if not, click here to schedule).  In Step 3, your Resilience Navigator will discuss your results, roadmap and answer your questions.


Receive a free virtual session with our Resilience Navigator to discuss your results and personalized roadmap.

Based on your answers,
our team will customize
a resilience roadmap
to fit your needs.

Start your free, Whole Person Resilience Assessment.

Enroll in Trellus Health
and start thriving with IBD!

Live Happier, Healthier & Stronger with IBD

Trellus Health offers a first of its kind resilience program, personalized just for you. Our digitally delivered program is based on a scientifically validated behavioral health approach to IBD developed at Mount Sinai, the birthplace of Crohn’s disease. We combine resilience training with the tools and team you need to take control of your health journey.


Be Supported

A dedicated Resilience Coach, Nurse Educator and Registered IBD Dietitian will help you navigate the challenges, symptoms and lifestyle issues associated with living with IBD.


Feel Healthier

Empower yourself with our integrated health and wellness tools to feel more confident and hopeful about your journey.


Live Happier

Learn how to apply your resilience skills training to daily life and get back to living your life the way you want to.

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